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G: Generation Gap #AtoZChallenge

Since my parents are pretty broad minded, I did not feel the generation gap much while growing up. Although they had their own set of assumptions and beliefs, nothing was imposed on us. They understood that times are no longer the same and they grew up with us as parents. They did not stay in the 80s while we were in the 2000s. But I did have quite a few friends whose parents were clearly from another era. They expected their kids to wake up in the morning before six, take a bath, pray to God and only then continue with the day. Six pm was the maximum time till when they could stay out. They were expected to wear certain clothes and not do anything fancy like roam around or spend time in coffee shops. I'm not talking about girls alone here. Some boys too were victims of the generation gap.

Why am I talking about this suddenly? Well, today I wore my favorite pair of ripped jeans and was headed out when quite a lot of people in my apartment gave me dirty looks. I smiled at them, but they looked at me top to bottom thinking "Poor girl, doesn't have enough money to buy new clothes?". As usual, I just ignored them and walked away. I'm very proud of my sense of fashion and I've someone who has evolved with the times. In terms of fashion and well as thinking mentality. The term generation gap doesn't only refer to people who are born in a different time frame or decades ago. There are also a certain set of people who are born as part of our generation, but their thinking is stuck back years ago. Such people are like the frog in a well and they have problems with everything that is not a part of their well. These kind of people are the ones who drive me up the wall.

I have always believed in one thing. As times change, we should do. We should adapt to the new situations and resources around us. I know it is difficult to get out of our comfort zone and adapt to something new, but we should. How else do we grow? Recently, I saw a few kids clearly in their teens driving around in a Hummer and smoking their lungs out. The first thing on my mind was WTF! Once when I shopping for lingerie, a few girls who looked no more than twenty were asking for bras that would enhance their cleavage. It would have been very easy to judge them and make a face, but I just let it be. Kids these days are so used to social media that they use that as a bible. The times are like that now, we can't do anything. Even when kids are super fashion conscious, they are very smart and hardworking. What matters is that they grow up to be good human beings, nothing else.

Generation Gap is often looked at like a bad word, but if you understand the actual meaning of it and adapt to the situations around you, it is a breeze. You do not have to act like your child's best friend and smother them. Just understand that they are born in different times and have a different thought process. It is important that you grow as parents along with your child and learn new things from them while unlearning a few old things.

The generation gap has to bridged from both ends, else it becomes a gaping hole.


  1. Generation Gap isn't about the age gap. It is about the mindset.Changing with times is crucial for survival. No one waits for anyone.
    As for getting stares from people, even wearing a simple tshirt draws attention in some places.


  2. Recently my son got a tattoo on his arm and I was shocked as I could only remember my mom's warnings. I could not take in the tattoo. But, my husband calmed me down with words similar to what you have written. The newer generation is living in very visual times. Besides, putting a tattoo is not the end of the world. As you rightly said, it is more important to be a good human being than just looking traditional from outside.

  3. Well said! generation gap
    Is not to be blamed. Different generations think differently and it is up to us to learn from each other.

  4. What a refreshing post on this topic. Well said and I have to agree that we can have a generation gap even in the same group.

  5. It's very sad that people are judged on how the look/what they wear, when really it should be based on whether or not they are a good person!

    @LunaNoctis from There She Goes

  6. Totally agree. My parents never let me hangout at my friends' or go out with them. Or to the movies. I married my man who is a complete movie buff and we watch all movies together. I let my son play at his friends' homes and they are invited too. Guess what he is just 4 :D I don't hate my parents either. I just love them a bit too much;-) Guess I summed up a bit of my Generation Gap!

    Nicely written Soumya. As always.

  7. The last line says it all... And every generation thinks they are the best.. and are always amazed or appalled at what the younger generation does..

    I think as we grow older.. We have to change the ways a little bit, thats the best way to understand the younger generations..

  8. Exactly! Generation Gap should not be used as an excuse for not understanding what person from different feels or thinks like.

  9. The ideologies, beliefs and thought processes differ from generation to generation. But that should not stop us from being open minded and accepting the change/new and bridge the gap.

  10. Nowdays youngsters use Generation gap to show that they are how well advanced in terms of using technology & all. Generation gap sometimes create problems between parents & their childrens too.


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