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V: Vanity #AtoZChallenge

I'm not perfect and yet I'm very happy the way I am. I do not have the perfect body or fair, flawless skin. I've accepted myself the way I am and that is the same way I accept others too. Being a realist, vanity is not something that I'm particular about. I look for a person's personality first and only then go for the other things. I have dated both good looking and average looking men as looks were never a priority for me. It was important yes, but not at the cost of intelligence and a good sense of humor. Having said that, I know and accept the way I look. So I know what is within my reach and what is not. I am a decent looking girl and I wanted a decent looking guy. That's about it. I did not want to be vain and wait for Mr. Universe to come sweep me off my feet. After all, I'm no Miss. Universe here.

It is no hidden fact that we Indians are obsessed with fair skin. Even though more than 60% of our population is brown, white is the color always preferred. Mothers want a fair bride for their sons even if their sons are dark. Maybe they want to have Zebra grand children. People and their quirks, I tell you! These days when teens sprout a pimple, they straight go to a plastic surgeon. Parents are willing to swipe their credit cards as many times as they want to, in order to give their children the looks they deserve. Do not like your nose? No problem! A few thousands and your nose would be as sharp as a toothpick. Got love handles? Spend an hour at a famous clinic and let them suck that fat away. Look at the business these skin clinics are getting these days. The saddest part is that they are only catering to the huge demand.

Being vain to a certain extent is fine. After all every one wants to look good on the outside and not only have a very good looking pancreas inside. But vanity to dangerous extents is out right silly. I once read about a woman who went in for a surgery to alter the shape of her feet so that she could fit into a very beautiful shoe that she bought on an impulse that didn't fit her. She actually had the bones of her feet broken to get the shape she desired. When I moved to a size 'M' from a size 'XS' in a span of six months, I did not feel like looking in to the mirror at all. It took me some time to actually make peace with it and today I couldn't be more happier. One needs to accept themselves as they are. Only then can they appreciate someone else.

When one searches for a good looking partner, the whole concept of partnership/companionship dies a slow death. There is so much to a person apart from the way one looks. Is that something secondary? I have seen so many people struggling to get fair/clear skin and lose the weight around their hips. If the idea is to be healthy, then it is valid. If it is for the sake of vanity, then you couldn't be harming yourself more. I have quite a few scars on my face and back thanks to chicken pox and adult acne. I know that if I spend a few thousands I can get all of them cleared in a jiffy. But I chose not too. These scars are an extension of me. I do wear makeup to hide them yes, not because I want to look flawless. I just do not want people to be asking me questions and suggesting remedies for my skin. I would get tired of lifting my finger then.

Love yourself the way you are. Looks die down with years, but the person you are will live with you till you die. Sometimes, later too.

Leaving you with this beautiful video.


  1. Beauty is skin deep or soul deep is for us to decide

  2. the video is so amazing... so beautifully directed!! I actually don;t mind people taking care of their skin and applying making up or their dream of a flawlessly beautiful skin... it's when they start extending their thoughts to others and start biasing them, that's when things start to get ugly. The fair and lovely adds should be banned for life, the ridiculousless of their campaign appals me...

    A Whimsical Medley
    Twinkle Eyed Traveller


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