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You control my mind and my heart,
Which indeed is quite a feat;
My heart knows when you're around;
So it perfectly skips a beat.

Its an hypocrite, inside me,
Beating in me but following you;
It measures every movement you make,
It doesn't even miss a few.

Its stings me everytime,
When it knows you're not around;
It wants to feel your presence,
Your aura it wants to surround.

Every beat screams your name,
Refusing to let me forget;
Its always been strong, my heart,
Only before you it has ever knelt.

All chambers owned by you,
Pumping and beating to get me through;
It knows and still remembers,
Together we made the perfect two.

It stands tall, looking for you;
It only wants more and more;
I don't blame the poor thing,
It loves you to the core.

It growls, pierces and grumbles;
Brings in pain to and fro;
It hurts but never stops,
The day it does I'd let go.