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Your Eyes

Embedded in your closeness,
Feeling so happy and nice;
I keep waiting for you,
To open your eyes.

The first look that I get,
Is enough to make my day,
All life's moments summarized,
Together as we lay.

The love we share(d),
Is the best thing ever,
So deep, precious and pure,
Something beyond compare.

You don't know how good it feels,
When I fall asleep in your arms;
Following you breath by breath,
And taking in all your warmth.

As I snuggle close to you,
Life seems perfectly done;
With your heart beat on me,
I always felt we were one.

The sense of your touch,
The sweetness of your lip;
This would have lasted forever,
Had I not let it slip.

I know I did wrong,
I've regretted it for so long;
The pain seems to never end,
As I turn weaker from strong.

When I go back and think,
Tears fall like dew,
Those lovely memories,
The days I had you.

How I long for that day,
To see the same look in your eye;
I would capture it with me forever,
And live it until the day I die.