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L - Love

I was more in love with the idea of love
The first time it ever happened to me
It sure was the most beautiful feeling
Only wonderful things then my eyes could see

Slowly the person came into the picture
Love didn't look all so beautiful then
It was not rosy nor magical
It was only about how, why and when

Walking away from love is always tough
I struggled with the tears and the pain
But the effort I put into letting it go
Thankfully did not go in vain

It was easy to get all cynical
I could have turned into a misanthrope
But I held on to myself and the feeling
I never gave up on faith and hope

In a short while, I fell in love again
It was beautiful and magic too
With a different person the feeling varies
It all depends on the point of view

Although it did not last long
This time it was easy to let go
No more tears, just a lesson
Love helped me understand and grow

I have never been afraid to love
Its something that has made me strong
I shall stand by love no matter what
With love, I shall always belong

Today in love, I seem to thrive
Life is wonderful and bright
With a partner who defines love
I know I shall always be alright

It has the power to mend and heal
It is the best gift sent from above
No matter how many thorns in the path
Never ever give up on love

~ Soumya


  1. None could have written a poem about love better. Lovely!

  2. people say u fall in love just once....but i think we can fall in love all over again.....never give up on love....yeah perfect!!

  3. When we fall in love the first time, we are usually teenagers unaware of the worldy gyaan. We dream a tad too much and so, it is difficult to let go; especially for women. It is so important to understand that these things happen and that love always finds a way. We must then cherish the beautiful memories and move on.
    I'm glad you 'never gave up on love.'

  4. "Love helped me understand and grow" Loved this line.
    Beautiful poem..:) :)

  5. Just what I needed at this time. Thank you for this :)

  6. Ah...How can someone not Love 'LOVE'. I might not be a romantic but love defines my life!
    Happy for u

  7. Wonderful lines :) Sometimes I feel I more in love with the idea of being in love than being in love with a person. Strange no?

    1. I used to feel that before. Strange indeed :)

  8. That was a beautiful and a lovely expression, Soumya. Loved it! ♥

  9. "No matter how many thorns in the path Never ever give up on love" - true love should always be valued ... a beautiful poem :-)

  10. love ...blessed are those that have true love

  11. I love how you can just spout poetry, just like that. Real talent <3

  12. Beautiful poem the last photo yours?

    1. Thank you Chintu ji! Nope, none of it is mine.

  13. beautiful.

    Makes me happy for you :)


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