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Its Bright, and Right

Staring out of the window at 6:am, these thoughts just flooded my mind. I don't know if I have a natural flair for poetry, but surprisingly all seemed to rhyme :-)

The sun seems to be shining brighter,
The day is warm and tickled with spice;
There is this constant smile on my face,
And everything suddenly seems so nice.

There is this unexpected joy,
Something beyond any feeling around;
Life seems to be glowing and shining,
Like something new has been crowned.

Everything is now feeling fresh,
The dew on the flowers and the scent;
The cheerful humming of the birds,
Always wondered what they meant.

Feel like I'm surrounded by sparkle,
There is a gleam in the eye;
Everything around feels so good,
I just hope it doesn't end in a lie.

Music and melody seeming to mix,
Every wrong ready to get fixed;
Light is trickling through the gap,
Filling every dark area in the map.

It almost seems like a fantasy,
The happiness that you feel inside;
Heart beating to the perfect rhythm,
Like everything you want is beside.

Life is what, you make it to be,
Think good, and good it shall be;
Control the mind, to see it right,
There will be no tears and no fright.

Some thoughts, hold on forever,
Rewinding and blending with the present;
Nothings seems to be missing now,
Even the mouth's now shaped like a crescent.

Never compromise with the pain,
Let it flow and soon it'll go;
If its meant to be, it will be,
It will fit, like an arrow in a bow.

Why try to quit, why give up,
Just give in to what you feel;
Stand by your thoughts and the feelings,
Soon it will turn to real from reel.

There is a light in a sky,
Bright enough to blind my eye;
Where it was dark, now there's light,
Seeming to reflect, the dark night.