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There still is love, there is the care,
Something still is there, that we'll always share;
There are the feelings that we cant spare,
Yet you pretend, that I'm not there.

I see it in your eyes,
No matter how much you deny;
The emotions you show, is only the gist,
Yet you pretend, I don't exist.

I still remember when we walked together,
Your concerned fingers trailing my hips,
The warmth of your hug, and the sweet kiss,
Yet you pretend, you've never tasted my lips.

Since the day you left,
I haven't been the same,
I have nearly gone, crazy and insane,
Yet you pretend, like this is all a game.

I loved you so deeply,
I wanted to be your wife,
I feel I've been stabbed with a knife,
Yet you pretend, I was never in your life.

I can never get over you,
That face I can never forget,
The days we spent, the times we shared,
Yet you pretend, like you never cared.

Years have passed, tears are dry,
Yet sometimes I still do cry,
It doesn't stop, no matter how much I try,
Yet you pretend, like there's nothing between you and I.

I'm just hoping that someday,
You'll be nothing, but a face in a frame,
I'm gonna be a winner that day,
When I pretend, that I don't even know your name.


  1. I Love this...its one of the most original,creative,fabulous lines I have read in a long time..and u finish them off with real panache:-)
    Why dont u put this up on Bloggertown?
    Take all ur poems..publish them..and we'll have our very own version of Chicken Soup for the Romantic Soul.Only much better:-)

  2. Thanks so much.. :-).. Its taking time to sink in.. I dont want to have the same posts at bloggertown n here..

    I swear man, that would be my alternative career if vodafone takes a toll on me.. Much better than Chicken soup series you bet.!!

  3. u write i sing..we make music n lots of money.. deal?

  4. Deal... First decide which bank allows maximum accounts.. :P


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