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Ramblings of the heart

Too many things going on in my head, I just want to get it out of my system. Else its gonna create a criss-cross in my almost non-existent brain and will not let me sleep today. And I have a really long day tomorrow, so let me as well as get past it.

-- I like the taste of neat vodka. Earlier I only liked the high it gave and the taste was tolerable with Sprite, but now I do like its own taste.

-- 'Sheela ki jawaani', this song has been on my lips the entire day. Katrina looks oh so hot in it and the lyrics are incredibly catchy. Either that or I have had an overdose of this song at the pajama party with my girls last night.

-- Weddings are expensive. And they need not be yours. My cousin brother is getting married in a coupla days and I'm bankrupt. After about half a century of shops and weeks of shopping, I got my perfect saree and jewellery. Phew, weddings are tiresome too.

-- I have actually begun to like the colors, yellow and purple. Yes, there is a special reason behind that.

-- You can remain friends with the guys who have asked you out earlier and you've declined. Maybe not best of friends, but still you can have a good time as long its status quo.

-- You either are in love or not. There is no phase in between.

-- I actually like Barney Stinson more than Ted Mosby of 'How I met your mother'.

-- Chitrangadha Singh and Sonakshi Sinha both are gorgeous looking woman. I'm completely in awe of them.

-- I've found more than 20 blogs which are written by women for their men. Some happy, some sad. Its weirdly comforting to know that I'm not the only one, but its more disturbing to know that there are so many women in pain out there. In matters of love, woman always prove that they are the weaker sex.

-- I no more have qualms in accepting that I'm wrong or that I have failed. I've drastically gone wrong in judging people. People whom I thought were jerks do have a soft side to them and the people who I thought I can rely on, stab you in the back at the worst of times. I have failed only once in my life. In the most important relationship of my life. Failed, until now. And I'm not the one to give up so fast. I want to leave the world with a clean slate.

-- Justin Timberlake is hot. Really really hot. Move over Taylor Lautner. No wait, stay. He is hot too.

-- I absolutely don't feel jealous or insecure anymore or of anyone. As long as I know that he still loves me and only me, I have no reasons to be insecure. I can live with that.

-- I cannot live without love.

-- Just as I was enjoying solitude, I no more have time for it.

-- I've realised that people will do anything, absolutely anything to rise above. Even if it means trampling everyone around.

-- I miss my best friend. I don't know what happened to her. I'm just giving her time to settle and understand things.

-- I need to buy a new phone asap. But with innumerable weddings around, I don't see that happening anytime soon.

-- Abhishek Bachchan reminds me of the one who owns and rules my heart.

-- I'm not as strong as I think I am.

-- I'm not as weak as I think I am.

-- I can smile no matter how I'm feeling inside.

-- I shed a tear every time I hear him sing.

-- Facebook is getting stagnant. It needs to come up with something new soon.

-- No one can embarrass you the way your family can.

-- I can talk until my jaws hurt. But still, I wont stop.

-- Give me one word, and I'll make a poem out of it.

-- It feels nice to let go and get distracted once in a while. But it should not turn into a habit. Point noted, I need to cut down on my alcohol consumption.

-- I haven't read a book in more than 2 months and I hate myself for that. Grisham, here I come.

-- Years may pass, the world can end, there can be life on other planets, yet I still will love him. I don't see why I shouldn't, when I have no reason not to.


  1. You sure have a lot of love to give to your man. Lukcy him :)

  2. This was a real long post and sorry I scrolled some part of it, but stopped and read wherever my eyes stuck, ie the parts on neat Vodka, Sonakshi Sinha, How I met your mother, Facebook and solitude..

  3. @Rajita, Thanks. He knows that! :)

    @Harish, Yeah I tend to write a lot when I'm upset. I'm glad that atleast some parts struck your eye..

  4. Wow..I never knew u drink! And by d sentence,"I need to cut down on my alcohol consumption",I think u drink a lot! Get out of it girl,d only thing this "distraction" needs to turn into a habit is the "hell-inside-your-mind"! Just an advice.Rest,you are cleaver! :)

    80% of the people like Barney as compared to Ted ;)I am no exception.He rocks!

    Well,I liked this post!Very much :) Now after reading this,I forgot why the hell I woke up at this hour! :|

  5. @Stranger, I'm just a social drinker, been quite often of late so have cut that down. I'm clever yes, not cleaver :)

    Barney is awesome yes! Thanks for liking the post..


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