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I want to stop thinking, stop analysing and stop realising.

I have nothing to write. Nothing to say. Poetry seems to have flown out of my mind.

The honest truth is, I don't want to interrupt my happiness.


  1. Happiness comes in bouts... Enjoy it while it lasts. As for the poems they'll make way for themselves. A poem's not a poem without a few pauses in between. But you'll never stop thinkin and analyzin, cos tats wat derives u to happiness.

  2. @Savan, you seem like the slightly philosophical kind, much like me.. Amen on the bout thing. But more often than not, the highest degree of happiness comes with the shortest of time..

    Reality for once has come disguised in happiness. I just don't want to wake up and see that, so I'd rather pause the current moment and enjoy it while it lasts..

    @Prashanth, I will from now on. Thanks :)

  3. @Soumya: Thanks,since you said kinda like u, I'll take it as a compliment. Not many ppl like philosophy tho.
    So true what you said bout the highest degree of happiness. Euphoric person's never allowed to stay euphoric. It's either illegal or insane! Tat's y it never stays with u tat long. Nevertheless, cheers to ur happiness and I wish it stays with u really long.

  4. @Savan, I don't like extremes of philosophy either, but its interesting in small doses. Euphoria is more insane than illegal..

    Thanks for the wishes. Btw, do u have a blog? If yes, I'd like to visit for sure..

  5. @soumya: Sorry, I don't blog. Tied down with a lot of stuff lately. Fb's the only thing tat I have space in my head for rt now.

    And ur back from the pause... Good one!

  6. @Savan, you should blog! U'll do good I'm sure..

    I'm not the one to pause for a long time :)


  7. @Soumya: Thank you for the motivation... Tat could be my new year resolution :-)


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