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To Her

Pure fiction. Okay, think whatever you want to!

Have you ever witnessed yourself dying? Like the swarm of darkness and smoke slowly engulfing you. Like a million hands pulling you to a never ending pit while all you are trying is to have a last look behind. Finally when you strain your eyes to see the one you wanted to, you notice that that person is not alone. Worse, that person is not even looking at you. Instead all you see is two hands entwined and two lips interlocked. And then you let go. Falling back is the best thing that can happen to you after that.

So on the last day of the eventful year, I got to witness it. Well at least nothing else left now :). Heights of optimism I know, but I have nothing else to say. But I do have quite a few words for someone.

~To Her~

First of all, I don't hate you. I don't envy you. I only mindlessly admire you. Being a Leo you know, I tend to think that I'm the best. But you proved me wrong and that's the sole reason I admire you. I know there is something in you that I don't have. That I can never have. It was something else before, and now, its him. I want you to know that you are the most luckiest woman in the world, cos now you have something which I can only dream of. Which I can only see, but not touch. But you have it all. You have all that I want. You have the only thing that I have ever wanted. Okay, I guess I envy you too.

You're life is settled girl, cos you have someone precious. He's amazing. I wont say much because it will be hard for you to believe it, quite obviously considering the source. He's near perfect. Okay I can't vouch for that now because he was considered perfect when he was with me. So that is something for you to decide but I'm pretty sure you won't be disappointed. He loves wholeheartedly and now that you have captured his heart, please take care of it. He's a tad bit disorganised, so you'll have to be patient with him. He's the epitome of patience with others so I'm sure you'll have no problems with that. Not a guess, I do envy you.

He loves his food and can be quite stubborn at times. But mostly he's the most accommodating creation of God. He'll listen, even if you continue to speak for hours. He'll help you smile when that's the last thing on your mind. He'll do anything in his reach to keep the one he loves happy. Damn it, I hate you. His face speaks a lot. His eyes, his lips. Train yourself to read it. Keep him very happy, and as far away as possible from agony. The smile on his face should be plastered for life. Else, I'll have to come back to settle scores. Very clich├ęd I know, but I sure do mean it.

I was crawling with all my might, to reach my star. Not once did it occur to me, that you were the light coming out of it.

~ ~

And then came the pain.


  1. I have nothing to say to that Prashanth..

  2. Hi Soumya,

    First I Wish You A Very Happy And Successful New Year 2011.

    After a long time I visited your Blog to read all your posts where I left reading.

    So many good poetries and good posts (most of them talking about LOVE) and I liked it ALL. And looking forward to see so many good poetries and good posts in coming year.

  3. @Venkat, Welcome back..

    Thank you so much.. Wishing you a very happy new year too..

    I know you like my poetry, but I might be giving up on it the next year. But I promise you good posts. So do keep visiting..

  4. Doesnt look an ounce like fiction to me..but then as you said "I am thinking whatever" :)

  5. @Rajita, Oh yeah its tough to fool people like 'us'.

  6. This a comment on your "About Me"section... I found a perfect hint of me there... we could be the best of blogger pals... A big hello from my side..

    Naina :D

  7. @Naina, Hello and Welcome !! :D

    That's the exact reason why I have been following your blog until now :)


    read more at my Blog & give your views plz...

  9. @irfanuddin, A very happy new year to you too..

    Thank you for your wishes, and will visit your blog soon..


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