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Masterchef Guptaji #KelloggsWaleGuptaji

When my husband and I started a page called 'Live To Eat' on Facebook we knew exactly what we were doing. We are both foodies and would go to any lengths for a good meal. We have travelled to different ends of the city to try out some food that we have heard about. Food is something that binds us together and almost all of our conversations revolve around food. Thankfully for me, I love cooking and I think that it is the purest form of love. I love cooking new dishes for my husband and serving him tasty food. It is really important to me that my husband gets to eat freshly prepared home food everyday. I'm not very fussy about food. But the one thing that I'm particular is about eating only fresh cooked food. I do not like eating or serving left overs. Infact I do not even repeat the lunch menu for dinner. Everything is made fresh and eaten hot. I'm proud of myself for being able to do this everyday inspite of handling a regular job.

Since I cook lunch everyday for us in the mornings, breakfast is usually kept simple. Like toast with nutella and peanut butter, oats with dry fruits or corn flakes. During weekends I have the time to prepare something like upma, semiya, paratha or a dosa. But it is during the weekdays that the monotony of the breakfast hits you. When you are a foodie, you want to eat a lot of different things and enjoy it. Due to lack of time in the mornings it is difficult for me to cook lunch and an elaborate breakfast. And yet the craving to eat something different doesn't stop. I've eaten enough of dosas, idlis and bread for breakfast. Now I want to try something new and delicious. My mother whips up some delicious breakfast treats, but she is far away from where I stay. Just when I was thinking about how to go about this breakfast thing I heard about Guptaji rather Masterchef Guptaji. That is how I like to call him.

His facebook page makes me want to jump into the laptop and eat the food that he posts. He has recipes for almost every thing and his facebook page has now become my personal favorite recipe book. But there is always a difference in cooking and having someone cook for you. I have this problem, I cannot eat much of what I cook myself. I know that the food is delicious, but somehow by the time I'm done with cooking it I'm already saturated. Now that my mom stays far away and I get to eat at her place only during weekends, I'm hoping that Guptaji invites me to his house for some nashta. You should see the items that he can prepare using Kelloggs cornflakes as the main ingredient. I'm salivating as I'm typing this. The first time I heard about his coconut laddoos made with cornflakes, I could not wait to try it out. But how do I get him to invite me to his place?

The secret of his food and its deliciousness is no longer a secret. Everyday I see a long line of people outside the Gupta residence waiting for their turn to try the delicious nashta. I do not want to get lost in that crowd. I think I will make my way into the house through his daughter. She seems to be young, chirpy and fashionable. Maybe I can share some fashion tips with her and leak out some of my secret shopping joints to get close to her. In that way I can end up spending some good time with her and can easily make my way to their house even. I know this seems so cheesy but my love for food right now is blocking all my other morals. You will get blindsided too if you hear about the recipes that are cooked in this house. There is sitaphal cornflakes, cornflakes chivda, cornflake balls with walnut and chocolate, cornflakes popcorn clusters and many many more.

What I have mentioned here is the literal names of the recipes. But Guptaji fondly calls them as Crush Wala Nashta, Celebration Wala Nashta, Nakhare Wala Nashta and so on. No matter what he calls them, together they can be called as Kellogg's Anaaj Ka Nashta. Because every food item prepared has the goodness and health of corn. It already is a winner when you know that something is delicious. But if it is tasty also, then it is an added bonus. I want to try all the items prepared and replicate them at home for my husband. I'm sure that I will learn more than a thing or two from the masterchef himself. For now, let me go and befriend his daughter. Probably I should take one of my new bags as a gift for her. Ah, the things that I do for some good food.


  1. Cooking in the mornings, Separate menu for lunch and dinner, and avoiding leftovers - Check. I follow the exact routine, and I do some ground work the previous evening, like cutting the veggies, preparing the dough etc , so that it's easy for me in the morning. More power to women like us :) :D :D

    But that's not the focus here na. Guptaji. Well, the recipe names make me salivate, I wish I could eat them too :D

  2. I don't do anything in the morning..preparing tea is as far as I can go! I'm the laziest person in the world when it comes to cooking so Guptaji here I come :D

  3. I barely make some form of egg and a glass of milkshake for breakfast. You are a magician :) Maybe its time to visit Guptaji's page.


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