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Revenge Tastes Sweet

Lee Miller in Adolf Hitler's bathtub, Munich 1945, by David E. Scherman

I had it all working for me
The best love, the best family life
And one fine day he came along
Ripped all I had with a bloody knife

My loved ones were scattered around
I am the only one who survived
I remember the face of the tormentor
I held my pain in and never cried

I hid myself from his gaze
And yet followed him around everywhere
I had vowed for revenge in my heart
He was someone I would not spare

It took me a while to sort out a plan
The pain within me held me strong
This was the only chance that I had
I could not afford to let it go wrong

I followed him home one fine day
I waited for a while until he was alone
He pleaded for mercy at my feet
But this was not something he could atone

I went in straight for the heart
I waited until it stopped the beat
Then came the red gushing out
That's when I knew revenge tastes sweet

I watched him lying there dead
Thinking of the time he took it all away from me
I had avenged the death of my loved ones
From above, I knew they all could see

This is the moment I have been waiting for
Today I shall let my tears flood
For the man who destroyed me is no longer alive
And I shall soak myself in his blood

Written for Magpie Tales: Mag 260.


  1. Wonderful , its very well written Soumya digging out some wonderful posts on your blog today

  2. Well, sometimes revenge does taste sweet!

  3. Quite a morbid story but revenge calls for a gory finish to subdue the troubled heart.

  4. What a pleasant surprise when I logged in today! Babe, I just love the new makeover that your blog has undergone. Totally chic and sophisticated, just like you. Congrats once again!

    The poem has your signature all over it. Loved it :)


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