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Unknown Jungle

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She walks into a strange house
With nothing but dreams in her eyes
Uncertainty hovers over her
But she still has to pay the price

Be it love, forced or arranged
The journey would always be the same
She gives up all that she had
Losing everything, even her name

There is no familiar face around
Just a hint of vermilion on her head
No one offers to ease her tension
They expect her to blend instead

The house seems empty at first
Since she is away from her comfort zone
With baby steps she needs to tread
Needs to embrace everything on her own

No matter how comfortable the place looks
She needs to think twice before doing anything
Suddenly her freedom ceases to exist
Her new family has now become her king

People stare at her with every breath
Waiting for her to go wrong somewhere
Its almost like they are looking to find fault
Every wall seems to scream out beware

It all depends on herself
Will she survive the test of time
Without any help she needs to win
Else she is treated like she committed a crime

It is strange how the human laws work
With no logic she is expected to adhere
No matter how conniving the others are
She is expected to bow down and be sincere

The uninviting space pulls her in
With its claws, holding her by her neck
Is she right in what she has done
No one gives her the time to re-check

She looks around the huge pillars
Her eyes flinching at the sight of the dome
Her fears will be left unconsidered
She needs to make this her home

She needs to accept it with all her heart
She is not expected to question or fumble
No matter how green and luscious the place is
To her it still is an unknown jungle

Written for Magpie Tales: Mag 262.


  1. Intriguing, and rather moving...

  2. Ah, the first emotions that swept her off! Nice wordplay :)

  3. I cannot fathom those rules that would apply to a woman having to enter a new home and adopting to the whims of her new family. To me this is very scary.. you have expressed it so well in your words.

    1. To experience it is another thing altogether.

  4. Amazing poem, captured the uncertainties of a new bride so well. Loved it.

  5. I feel awed by the way you narrate the scenarios of our society in a rhythmic fashion ... you surely are blessed with the power of rhymes.


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