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R: Rain

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The first drop tickles my skin
The sweet petrichor fills me up
I'm watching the scene from my balcony
Book in hand and some tea in a cup

The rain drops seem to play a tune
The wind plays havoc with my hair
I'm busy enjoying the freshness
About nothing for now I care

The plants around me slowly dance
As the rose buds begin to bloom
I see a rainbow hugging the sky
Crafted from God's wonderful loom

Along with rain, comes the memories
Good, bad and everything in between
The wonderful nature paints a picture
More beautiful that anything I've seen

That is the magic of rain
It takes me to another place
A place where everything seems right
A place that gives me ultimate solace

I watch the downpour in awe
How it has cleansed the entire lane
Some come out to enjoy it
Some just watch it from their window pane

The emotion most attached with rain
Is the powerful one called love
The drops make you crave for it
Like a sign that is sent from above

It tugs my heart really tight
I now enjoy this bitter sweet pain
I want to soak myself in it
Let it rain, oh, let it rain

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  1. I want to get drenched in that rain now :( How I miss it. This was brilliant!

  2. Rains are beautiful and romantic and mesmerizing. Lovely.

  3. Rain often brings memories and there is something about petrichor that fills me with longing.
    Loved the emotions and peace in your lines.
    Beautiful Soumya.

  4. I loveeeeeeeeee the rains! the smells, the sights ah! they do take you to another place! lovely lines!!

  5. Beautifully depicting the emotions of rain, book and a good cuppa. My favorite time:0

  6. A light drizzle has started outside my window as I read this. :) Perfect read at the perfect time. Let it rain, indeed!
    *Shantala @ ShanayaTales*

  7. You have a way with words, Soumya! This is such a beautiful expression. ♥

  8. Such beauty in this. I could see the rain through your words. :)

  9. Such beauty in this. I could see the rain through your words. :)

  10. this is beautiful. love the rains. loved your lines :)

    A Rat's Nibble

  11. How you would love the rain here and feel at home Soumya as it rains here A LOT during fall to spring in particular! ;) Rain can be romantic and nostalgic at times; however, sometimes downpours can be a nuisance, especially when too many in a row and/or cold (to the bone) etc. ;) <3

    1. Downpours are a pain I agree. I just love the mild drizzle :)

  12. book, teas and rain.. the picture itself is relaxing. I attach freedom with rain, sometimes it makes me sad, something extremely happy :) beautiful poem

  13. Hi soumya .. Simply loved the poem . Yes, rain creats the magic .
    I love your poems, rhyming being thier speciality

  14. I rejoice in rain . Loved the lines . Rhyming and the thought flow of your poems , ah, I am a big time fan of them:) you really inspire me .

  15. Magical post ! Loved the way you have expressed and the image is super..

  16. I am simply drenched in your poem...lovely to feel the showers! Nice image too!

  17. We just had three days of rain and cyclonic winds...not a fan of the rains! But your poetry is beautiful! :)

    1. Downpour is a pain. A light drizzle is romantic :)

  18. Yes rains are beautiful. They bring along a array of emotions and a river of memories. Love is predominant always - be it bitter sweet or romantic. Lovely poem and nice way with words :)

  19. I am glad it looks gloomy outside my window. I want to get drenched right now. Love the poem! :)


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