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7 Deadly Sins

Desires and obsessions,
Where physical beauty is a must.
Losing yourself for vain,
Is what is called as LUST.

At every sight, when you turn green,
Are never satiated and can never be,
When you're not happy with what you have,
That's what is called ENVY.

When you have everything,
And still more you need.
And when you hurt for it,
Is what is called as GREED.

You sleep and don't work,
Are supremely slow like a moth,
Can't do anything but rest,
That's what is called as SLOTH.

You flare up at everything,
And everyone thinks you're a brat,
Patience is never your virtue,
And that's what is called as WRATH.

You think you're God,
And that noone can take your stride,
And when you feel that there is noone like you,
That's what is called as PRIDE.

All you want to do is eat,
Until food becomes your agony,
And when you know that's all you can do,
That's what is called as a GLUTTONY.


  1. simple yet the 7sins captured rightfully. forgive us lord, for we have sinned! :)

  2. we have indeed! forgive us lord,! :)


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