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Went to watch the circus yesterday. Was fun and extremely nostalgic. When we (me and my sis) were young, our parents used to take us to watch the circus every time it was in town. The pink cotton candy, mango juice. Man, I want to grow up once again :(. The last time I went dragging a half reluctant person with me. It was serious fun though. And boy, those people are talented. As you watch them, no doubt you feel amazed. But you feel sad, very very sad for those people. Atleast I do. I mean thats all there is to these people right. Just put on a face and entertain others by humiliating yourself. Its like cinema to the poor.

Jumping through fire, Balancing on hoops, being lifted in the air by the mouth and all, it just makes me real real sad for these people. They are just asked to put on a show to entertain people. Nobody bothers to care how they do it. What saddens me more is when the animals come out. They are the living for the circus people agreed, but the pain they go through to do such things is hard wrenching. The elephant acting as a doctor, treating a sick horse looked real cute when I was a kid, but now it only breaks my heart. If given a chance I would just stop all this, but the people are in it for a reason and nothing can be done about it.

Life, is no short of a circus if you think about it. Everyday you put on a face, go to work and are back. Trying to please people, make them smile. This is life isn't it. The only difference here is you have unlimited audience and the audience are a part of the act. People say that life is not like a movie, get practical and all. But honestly, life may not be a movie, but it can surely pass off as a circus, a drama or a reality show.


  1. every time i go to a circus,i'll half expect to see john merrick somewhere...

    anyways dont feel sad for the animals...they had entertainment(read circus) too...u went there too right:-)

  2. Yeah yeah I'd entertain animals rather than humans anyday.. :)

  3. BTW, I expected a John Merrick too... looks like Indian's are not aware of him yet..


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