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Order, Disorder

For the record, I do not suffer from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. I just like a few things to be done in an order and I like things around me to be clean, thats it. If thats called suffering from OCD then yeah, maybe.

  • Early morning I need to have my coffee in my huge purple mug and in my yellow leo mug in the evenings. I don't like the order to be changed.
  • I only use granulated sugar for my coffee, else I never even sip it.
  • At home, its 'Bru' coffee while at office its 'Nescafe'. I don't like it if this changes either.
  • I either have piping hot coffee, or ice cold ones. Nothing in between.
  • I need to have atleast 2 cups of coffee a day. Even after dinner is fine. Okay, I'm just obsessed with coffee.
  • My closet is arranged according to colors. Since 8 years, and it will be that way forever.
  • I have to wear black atleast twice a week.
  • I cant have just one chaat. Any chaat has to be followed by a paani puri.
  • I do my eyes in a particular order. I'd die rather than mix up the order.
  • My books are stacked according to the authors' names. I bring the roof down if someone messes it up.
  • My sleep buddy, Boo has to be always on my left side. Else I just cant sleep.
  • I have to read atleast one new quote a day.
  • Shopping is therapy. I need to shop atleast thrice a month.
and at last,
  • If I think I'm right, I stick on to it no matter what.
Okay, stubborn maybe, but surely not a patient of OCD.


  1. this is the User Manual for you..Interesting:-)
    Curious..the left side arrangement applies only to Boo right;-)

  2. Left just for Boo... As for the right side, lets leave it unsaid.. :-)


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