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Move On, Fastrack

The recent video ads of Fastrack are supremely annoying. It makes a mockery of the entire love, break up issue. 'How many you have' was their first tag line. The nasal twang used to say it was unbearable but atleast they were looking to promote it. Their latest 'Move On' seems so tacky and without a heart. I am a loyal customer of fastrack. Watches, belts, wallets, shades and their latest bags, I have bought almost all of them. If I need any more of those I head to the nearest fastrack, which is like 10 mins away from where I stay. Yet the large 'MOVE ON' banner they display in their shop completely puts me off.

If fastrack was meant to be that, then I would have nursed my broken heart long ago and would have nursed it again twice or thrice. Its sheer madness. The ads are definitely poor taste and way away from reality. Especially the one in which the girl is talking to a guy on a video telling him she loves him and will meet him at 2 the next day and in the back ground is a half naked guy sharing the bed with her.! Can you beat that! I just wanted to break my TV open at that time.

What exactly goes through the one, who has had a heart break is unexplainable. 'Move on' is only a phrase. Implementing it would be utter crap. The max one can do is to pretend to have temporary amnesia and forget that part of their life. Moving On is a near impossible task. If there are people who have achieved it, then hats off to them. Maybe they are the guys who made these ads. Makes no sense whatsoever, so I guess its just a handful of them behind the scenes. Maybe I'm just over reacting because I'm going through one, but honestly even if I wasn't, this is something that is totally illogical to me.

Today they played n number of these ads back to back on Mtv. I was like WTF. That channel is going to dogs I say. Reality shows on it are atleast tolerable than these mentally tormenting ads. Comeon Fastrack, I have way too much respect for you guys. You better switch back to your original tagline, or you maybe losing out on a lot of sales. Its not only me, more than half of my friends also agree. Atleast the ones who watch television do. Move On, Fastrack, Get a better line that makes sense and a one that people would want to keep.


  1. Seriously,you are overreacting,because of what happened..u know better than to take these ads seriously..half of them are crap..with cliches repeated a million times...

    Did u say half naked "guy"?Thankfully they did that One thing right:-)Else a trip to the TV showroom for sure;-)

  2. You need to see those ads to believe it.. Trust me, I'm not overreacting..

    'GUY' yes... sad, but as you said the rest is better left to imagination ;-)


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