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Beginnings & Resolutions

These two always go hand in hand right. For every beginning, you try to make a resolution. Else nobody is bothered as to how things are. Resolutions are made only to be broken. Why make them then. Well who cares, lets just stick to the norm and make them eh? Rest, who cares again. Even though I have made mine for this year, I don't follow it. I make them cos yeah, I just have to. Well I need to say something when people ask me what is your resolution right? I don't want to give the most cliched answer, "My resolution is to not make any resolutions". Once more I hear it this year and I'm tearing my hair apart.

Why complicate matters. Why should there be a resolution. Cant things be simple. I'm gonna stick to my rule now onwards. There is nothing called right or wrong. Nothing called good or bad. Come on, things that are right or good for you, may not necessarily be the same for others. It makes no sense to term things as good, bad, right or wrong. For me, there are things you do, and things you don't. Not to bother about it being good, right or whatever. End of story. Simple.

Okay, enough said. Lets just simplify things from now on. No complications, no confusions. So from now on there are things I want to do, and things I don't. Well, right now I just want to say this.
  • Everyday is a new beginning. Treat it that way. Stay away from what it might have been. Just look at what it can be.
  • Every new beginning comes from an other beginning's end.
  • Good resolutions are simply checks, that we draw on a bank where we have no account.
  • May all your troubles last as long as your new year resolutions.


  1. Were u drunk when u wrote this:-) after those glasses of wine maybe:-) Some sentences make no sense whatsoever:-)in the second para. U do publish good posts but u r beginning to sound like a tape record in this one...

    Your Best Critic

  2. Yeah.. best critic indeed.. yeah drunk was the word.! This one is crap I agree..

    See... I can take criticism.. Okay, just this time..


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