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Arranged?? Yeah, Why Not!

This Sunday it was the engagement of one of my best friends'. It was an arranged match. She has always been the bubbly factor of my gang of girls and seeing her all set for the new chapter in her life was amazing. She seemed to be so happy. A typical arranged marriage and I have never seen her this happy before. God bless them both.

Even though it was an amazing event, I felt sad to see that we all are so grown up now. There were times when we used to wait for the other to bunk classes, give each other slimming tips, deck up the others' hair, singing aloud together and the most important thing, laugh endlessly. There were times when we were busy attending each others' birthday parties and now we are attending each others' engagement and soon weddings. Gosh, 8 years have passed by without even realising. Hmmm.. Supreme Nostalgia.

Seeing her this happy, made me and my other girls think a lot. Each one of us have been in love some time or the other. We were the ones who believed love makes the world go round and is the only thing that survives. But yesterday we were forced to disagree. Its all a matter of choice. Arranged marriages can be made in heaven too. Its just that you have to get your mind to believe that. Who knows you may fall in love before the wedding or later, love may follow.

I always thought that its the bond that forces two people to fall in love and get along with each other. Turns out I was wrong. Obviously you wont meet the guy and marry him the next day. You take your time to know him and then make your choice. It can be said that the person is only gonna be in his best behaviour because he knows you're monitoring him. That when your smartness comes into picture. You need to know that he'll be watching your every move too. Oh Man, I'm getting all excited here. Its going to be a new journey and new experience. I always thought that people who opt for arranged marriages are the ones who never had a chance to love. Okay, I admit I was wrong again. It may be someone who has been unsuccessful in love, or the one who never had an opportunity for it, or someone who is still waiting for 'The One'. He maybe the best of the lot too :-).

These marriages work, when you find the right partner. Agreed you will not know the guy 100% before marriage, but these are the choices you have to make. Compatibility, common interests, mutual respect are the three important virtues I would look for in a partner. But the most important factor that I would need is security. The guy has to be totally sure of himself and must love me for what I am. Okay that's gonna be hard :P , but if he's worth it, I have no issues in changing myself. After all, a marriage is between two people and both need to work on it.

I'm not the one to experiment with love again for sure. One bitten, twice shy case here. My parents are insisting that I give them a go ahead so that they can start the hunt. I have seen and met a few of them and they were good. Face value that is, I dint feel the need to know them more at that time. I need sometime to get to a stable state of mind, where I need to program my mind to let go and look around. Atleast let it give a shot. It would be totally wrong to go for it now, and I wouldn't want to spoil another person's life in my experimental process. I know how it feels when feelings are hurt and I would never do that to another being.

I was holding my sister back so far, but now I'm only encouraging her to go for it. Maybe the perfect match is out there somewhere and I'm sure she'll make the right choice. As I always say, 'No matter what, at the end of the day, Everything is just a matter of choice'. As for me, when the right times comes, arranged marriages surely do have a green signal.. :D