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Taste Of Happiness

A lovely poem. Not my own. Its by a lady called 'Pauline Oliver'. Its an amazing poem, especially for a foodie like me. I'd have loved to have written this myself, but I just don't want to be accused of blatant plagiarism. Here it goes, I just cant help salivating.

What's your favourite flavour
Your number one taste
Something so yummy
You dare not let waste
What great food sensation
Salt, bitter, sour or sweet
Excites your tastebuds like crazy
Has everything else beat

If there was only one
You could not live without
What flavour would you choose
Be sure now, no doubt

Sometimes it's the simplest
Of foods that we crave
Bread and butter, tripe and onions
No, come on now behave

I'm talking 'bout

A freshly cut pineapple
To eat on the beach
Sun ripened strawberries
Or a freshly picked peach
Double choc chip ice cream
Awash With caramel sauce
Freshly made pepperoni pizza
Draped in mozzarella of course
Cool refreshing lemon sorbet
A hot Mexican chilli dish
Roasted salted cashew nuts
Sea bass, salmon, tuna fish
Olives stuffed or otherwise
Stilton, Camembert and Brie
Fritata topped with goats cheese
Spinach and ricotta Cannelloni


If you really had to choose only one
You could undeniably not live without
What lip-smacking, palate-drooling flavour
Is irresistible beyond all doubt?